photographic renegade.

I don't just shoot photos. My mission is to show others how to face their pain and see themselves for who they really are.

I developed this mission from facing my own debilitating pain every month dealing with Endometriosis for over 17 years. There was one month, the pain was so intense that I passed out and died– I was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat and blood completely powerless and felt complete surrender. After dying, I knew that I needed to really face this and could no longer hide or be embarrassed by it if I wanted to truly live. I realized I needed to see myself for who I really was, and face all of the areas in my life where I had been inauthentic.

I then began to unravel all of the medical lies I had believed and educated myself on how women’s hormone’s actually work and healed myself. I remember the first day I felt freedom was on my wedding anniversary. I looked around the Hilton hotel room we were staying in and the shackles just literally fell off as I got present to the fact that I had minimal to no pain in my life with my intimacy, sex, and every month with my cycle.

What I have learned through my experience is that all healing starts with being authentic, which is why I encourage others to face their pain.

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