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Darrah Brustein

Darrah Brustein
About Darrah:
I've spent the last decade crafting and integrating my life and work intentionally, not choosing one over the other. I’ve come to learn that my hypothesis was true: you can create a life and a career you love...at the same time...without losing yourself in the process, or succumbing to the fable that you must burn out and sleep when you’re dead. I’m here to show you how to shortcut my years of testing, and help you create a life you love. *spoiler alert: it starts with doing the inner work to uncover what you want, then build the right relationships intentionally to support your vision, all the while creating the financial freedom you need to choose how you spend your time.

I needed headshots for my marketing and branding and wanted to work with someone who would create something out of the box and help me to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Meredith did both and I've been very happy with the results for years!


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Always a blast with these ladies ❤️😎 Stop by @maconarts and check out srlect pieces from my #everydaytoeveryphase series in their summer exhibition! ✨️ #macon #maconarts #visitmacon #mixedmediaartwork #fineartphotographer #maconphotographer #maconartist
A phenomenal #artful experience. You must see @suryaensemble live 🙏✨️ #bestmusic #elemental #spiritualmusic #healingsounds #instrumentalmusic #symphonyorchestra
To everyone who called me crazy.... Feel free to call me with your questions.😎🙏
Had a blast shooting this LEGEND @sieraintuitivelyknows 🙏MUA @kathleen_artistry #businessportrait #businessphoto #intuitivebusinesscoach #intuitivebusiness #businessphotoshoot #businessbranding #creativeportrait #fineartphotographer #bealegend #bealady #divinefeminineenergy #womeninbusinessrock
Had a blast shooting this LEGEND @sieraintuitivelyknows 🙏MUA @kathleen_artistry #businessportrait #businessphoto #businessphotoshoot #businessbranding #creativeportrait #fineartphotographer #bealegend #bealady #divinefeminineenergy #womeninbusinessrock
When you're here, you're home. #visitmacon #ilovethesepeople
#behindthescenes Had a blast working with these fabulous women ❤️ Book your intuitive business reading with @sieraintuitivelyknows today!! Our incredible makeup #artistry by @kathleen_artistry Don't be A Lady, Be a Legend #photoshootday #businessportrait #businessphoto #businessphotoshoot #businessbranding #creativeportrait #fineartphotographer
Love my adventures with @j_el047 ❤️✨️ #rideordiechick #friendsreunion
Every Phase #49 - #Ovulatoryphase Stairway to Healing Part V ...In my own internal & external landscape, I have recently had a bizarre & discriminatory experience of mistreatment surrounding health. This situation perpetuated an #ovariancyst burst. So I laid it all out and really faced it, then I realized what the situation was really about, which I will now share with you: Willing slaves are triggered by freedom. Just as sick people can be triggered by people who are healing. I didn't buy-in to their opinions or control structure illusions, so they decided to bully me while I was down to feel their own power. Those who are empty inside have to pull from others to feel any kind of hashtag#power , as they've thrown theirs away to be paid, or to be liked (I have a 2-part narcissism episode diving into this conversation below). The only time they can feel any kind of power within is by putting others down or asserting a fake 'dominance'. I also realized what my pain in the situation was really about. An old, childhood wound forrmed from #toxicfamily dynamics, lighting up my root and will chakras like fireworks: "You won't survive if you are fully yourself" married to the belief of "I can't be successful in this narcissistic world or make money by being completely me." They wanted me to feel this way because it is how they feel. These aren't actually my feelings, but the projected desires of the unhealed parts of these people. I don't need to accommodate for toxic beliefs and distortions for people to see me... ...The cool thing about the #truth is that it doesn't need their permission to exist and come forth. It will always be there, even when their denial and illusions disappear. I was also reminded that my worth isn't chained to their reactions & denial, regardless of their desire for it to be... ...The lesson learned here is that there is no room for neutrality when dealing with bullies who want to steal your freedom. When we ignore something we know is happening, when we say or do nothing in the face of tyranny, we help perpetuate it. you will want to read the whole thing -- click Every Phase blog link in bio #periodpain #endometriosisawareness
#fixingmistakes #workinprogess #goldleafart #creativeprocesses #muralartist

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